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Frequently asked questions

Which treatment is most effective to treat cellulite?

Currently, the most effective treatment approved by the FDA is Endermologie®.

Can liposuction remove or reduce the appearance of cellulite?

NO. Liposuction is the most effective surgical procedure for body contouring, involving the removal of fat from the deep layers. Liposuction is not typically performed in the subcutaneous fat layer, due to swelling, scarring and bruising, and therefore is not the treatment of choice for cellulite.

How many endermologie® treatments necessary?

Endermologie® treatments are 35 minutes in length and it is recommended twice a week. The average women will need 15-20 treatments to achieve optimal results. Once a month follow-up treatments are recommended to maintain your new look.

Can men benefit from endermologie®?

Yes. Most men do not have cellulite but still benefit from the body shaping, contouring, and toning of the skin. Areas that respond well to Endermologie® for men are the back, abdomen, and "love handles".

Can endermologie® be applied as a facial treatment?

Yes. Endermologie® can be used as a facial treatment. By stimulating the production of new collagen fibers and exfoliating, it can greatly improve skin tone and slow down the aging process of the skin.

Can diet and exercise eliminate cellulite?

Cellulite occurs in the subcutaneous fat layer, which responds mainly to hormones and minimally to diet and exercise. Therefore, this approach is not an effective means for cellulite reduction.

Why are diet and exercise encouraged?

Inadequate nutrition and poor lifestyle tend to worsen the appearance of cellulite. It stands to reason that a balanced diet and regular exercise can, to a certain degree, prevent the advanced stages of cellulite formation. Diet and exercise are recommended because they are complimentary to the Endermologie® lifestyle.

Why do women have cellulite and not men?

Estrogen is the key hormone involved in cellulite formation. As a result 90% of women have cellulite while most men do not, unless they have a hormone imbalance. Furthermore, the hypodermis (subcutaneous fat layer) is structurally different in women, and it permits more fat storage than in the male hypodermis.

How many endo treatment are necessary?

  • 40 min
  • 12-15 treatments


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